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DentalCare App

This application is created to ease the life of both the Patient as well as the Doctor. Both the users will be able to keep track of all the records such as Treatments they have received as well as can update the calendar to remind when will be their next appointment.

We Provided


A Solution for Both Patients & Doctor

Using this Dentalcare app, patients as well as doctor can perform required actions and keep track of all the records of treatments.

Technology Integrated With This App

React Native



Unique Features of Patient App

  • Dashboard

    This screen is same as a quick tool access screen where one can have unfettered access to every functionality.

  • Calender

    For all the principal events which is going to take place, one can mark that on the calendar so that, they can receive the reminder on that day.

  • Add Appointment

    Here user can select the teeth for which they are going to have treatment and then can even add the kind of treatment they are planning to have.