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Lybrate is the trusted home for thousands of people and hundreds of doctors with simpler and easily accessible healthcare experience. Lybrate connects people with everything to take good care of themselves and their families, accessing health issues, finding the right doctor in real-time, booking diagnostic tests, obtaining medicines, storing health records or learning new ways to live healthier. Also, it helps doctors to build their presence, grow establishments and engage patients more deeply than ever.


Lybrate was founded with the mission to bridge the gap between the doctors and patients through the user-friendly platform. Recognising the challenges faced by the doctors and patients in accessing healthcare services efficiently, Lybrate aimed to use technology to provide seamless solutions. Since its inception, Lybrate has prioritized simplicity, transparency and reliability in its approach to healthcare delivery.

Challenges faced by Lybrate:

  1. Lack of centralized platform: Prior to Lybrate, individuals rely on word-of-mouth recommendations or scattered online directories to find doctors, leading to inconsistencies and inefficiencies. 
  2. Time-consuming appointment scheduling: Booking appointments with doctors often involved long wait times and manual coordination causing inconvenience to patients. 
  3. Limited access to specialist care: Rural areas and smaller towns faced significant challenges in accessing specialized medical expertise leading to disparities in healthcare delivery.

Proposed Solution by Appnox

Appnox tackles the challenges faced by Lybrate by creating an online platform that connects patients with a diverse network of trusted doctors. Key features of Lybrate’s solution include:

  1. Extensive doctor database: With over 150,000 verified doctors spanning various specialities and geographic locations, Lybrate ensures patients have access to a wide range of medical expertise. 
  2. Seamless appointment scheduling: Lybrate user-friendly interface allows patients to schedule appointments with doctors of their choice effortlessly. This platform also offers real-time availability updates, reducing wait time and streamlining the booking process. 
  3. Teleconsultation services: In addition to in-person consultations, Lybrate offers teleconsultation services, enabling patients to seek medical advice remotely. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals in remote areas and those with mobility constraints. 
  4. Patient reviews and ratings: Lybrate empowers patients to make informed decisions by providing access to doctor reviews and ratings. This transparency fosters trust and accountability within the healthcare ecosystem.


Lybrate has witnessed exponential growth and has garnered widespread acclaim for its innovative approach to healthcare delivery. Key outcomes include:

  1. Increased healthcare accessibility: Lybrate has bridged the gap between patients and doctors, ensuring individuals from all walks of life have access to quality medical care. 
  2. Enhanced patient experience: By simplifying the appointment scheduling process and offering telecommunication services, Lybrate has improved the overall patient experience resulting in higher satisfaction rates.
  3. Empowerment through innovation: Patients now have access to detailed information about doctors, enabling them to make informed decisions about their healthcare journey.  
  4. Expansion of telemedicine: Lybrate’s teleconsultation services have catalyzed the adoption of telemedicine in India, paving the way for remote healthcare delivery and increasing access to specialist care. 


The company started its operations in 2013 and by 2014 raised 15 million USD from investors by 2015. The Lybrate application has been downloaded more than 5 million times with almost 60 thousand user ratings. 


Lybrate’s patient consulting portal has emerged as a pioneer solution in the healthcare industry, redefining the way individuals access medical care in India. Lybrate has addressed long standing challenges in healthcare accessibility, empowering doctors and patients alike. As the platform continues to evolve, it remains committed to its mission of building the future of healthcare delivery.