Yamak AI

Origin Story

2019: Started experimenting with GTP 2 

Back when GPT 2 was launched, we started experimenting and training it for multiple use cases only for short content forms like – headlines, and ad copies. We also trained it on certain books to help the writer to generate ideas.

However, the number of parameters in GPT 2 was limited so the content that was generated was not professionally useful, and rightly so the experiment did not last for long and was shut down due to poor useability.

2020: Turning Point – Launch of GTP 3

GPT 3 came out and by getting early access we started experimenting on GPT 3. Soon we figured that GTP 3 was way more useful for generic content generation purposes, especially for marketers and even for salespersons at some point. If properly prompted it could cater to a variety of people.

2022: Launch of Yamak.ai

In 2022, Yamak.ai was launched and we were constantly engaged in trying to figure out the problems that copywriters are facing and how we could help them with the best possible end-to-end solution. We wanted to be an end-to-end content solution platform so that we can help content writers and not just generate content which a lot of our competitors were doing today. 

We interviewed 200 people one-on-one, and we found that optimization of content plays a crucial role which meant that the generation of content is not the only solution. 

We then launched our BETA version on Product Hunt where hundreds of feedbacks were received. The link is attached below for reference.


Link – https://www.producthunt.com/products/yamak

We were in contact with hundreds of Indian agencies which were later onboarded. Around one thousand agencies are currently onboarded on Yamak.ai. 

As the next step, we are trying to target creators from social media platforms like Linkedin, Youtube, and Facebook to help solve their end-to-end content generation needs.

For instance, while speaking with a Youtube creator, we wanted to understand his/her content creation process from the idea generation stage to implementation, where we found that research is also a very time-consuming activity for the creators. 

This feature of ‘doing research and coming up with ideas that would possibly go viral’ is in progress and being worked on. As part of this feature, we are Identifying the topics that would take them the shortest time possible to create content and for it to go viral. 

Some of our popular templates include Google Ad’s Headline, Ad descriptions, Facebook Ad’s primary texts, headlines, listicles, ad descriptions, etc as displayed below from our website.  

Our target audience includes individuals/freelancers, bloggers, marketers, digital marketing agencies, and copywriters in various domains and verticals. As of today, Yamak.ai is a closely knitted team of #8, including two Sales Development representatives, three Developers, one chief Investor from Google India, and two Co-Founders. 

Tech Stack:

  1. React. [Frontend]
  2. Django. [Backend]
  3. Aws [Cloud provider]
  4. Ec2
  5. Amazon rds
  6. lambda

About Yamak.ai 

Founded in 2022, Yamak is an AI Content Platform enabling freelancers, bloggers, and marketers, to leverage AI to scale their content strategies with 100% plagiarised free SEO-driven content. With Yamak, anyone can create taglines, descriptions, bios, and many other forms of copywriting with never-ending supplies of creative ideas.

We help organizations ride on the next wave of digitization where Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science will play a pivotal role. Our solutions help organizations deliver faster, smarter and actionable insights.



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